18 Practical Water Saving Tips You Can Use Every Day

18 Super Practical Water Saving Tips You Can Use Every Day Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to help save and conserve our water resources? There are a lot of articles and blogs that give water saving tips, but this post makes it super practical, hands on and easy to implement, so enjoy! We’ve [...]

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Increase Your Water Consumption To Stay Healthy

The Fountain of Youth: Upping Your Water Consumption Myths and legends, tales and tropes of the so-called Fountain of Youth are nothing new; but what if we told you that the Fountain of Youth has been right under our noses this whole time? The Fountain of Youth’s allure lies in its promises of vitality, health [...]

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Save Water Around The House With 4 Easy Tips

Save Water, Save Our Planet With Level 3 water restrictions being implemented in most (if not all) of the country this month, we really need to be doing all we can to help save water. Aside from following the basic rules and guidelines, as outlined in the Level 3 water restrictions handouts made available by [...]

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How Water Borehole Drilling Help Manage Our Water Resources

Water Borehole Drilling and Managing Our Water Resources We Can Only Use About 1% Of All Water On Earth Water Resources are the most essential component on earth to have any form of living and it’s important that we take care to manage this resource wisely. There are many different challenges we face to ensure [...]

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Groundwater Source For Borehole Drilling

Where Does Groundwater Come From? When you were in primary school you probably covered the water cycle in Natural Science class; you know, condensation, precipitation, all of those? What this basic water cycle probably left out was groundwater; and groundwater is actually an integral part of the water cycle. Knowing where to find a groundwater [...]

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Water Borehole Drilling Process In 4 Steps

4 Important Steps In The Water Borehole Drilling Process For some the decision to invest in domestic water borehole drilling is a simple one; others are daunted by the unfamiliar process. In an effort to help you overcome the element of unfamiliarity, knowing the process will make it easier for you to come to a [...]

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Freshwater Resources: 5 Primary Freshwater Sources

The Wild, Wet, Wonderland That Is Freshwater Resources Water is the essence of life. We’re made of it, we bathe in it, we cook with it, we drink it, we travel on it; it is the permeable expanse that connects us all. All these types of water represent what we can call ‘Freshwater Resources’. We [...]

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