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Setting the drilling standard

First established 1984, RPM Drilling & Mining Resources sets the drilling standard. From borehole drilling to blast hole drilling; we do it all, best.
Here at RPM Drilling & Mining Resources we specialize in:

water borehole drilling - rpm drillingWater borehole drilling

Whether the job is big or small, RPM Drilling is who you should call! From the rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance of existing boreholes, to sinking new water boreholes for both commercial and personal use, we do it all. With over 30 years’ experience in household and commercial water borehole drilling, we’ve got borehole drilling down to a fine art; and we’re always working with our clients in mind. That’s why we’re the only water borehole drilling company in South Africa that aims to do the job, start to finish, in two working days or less. Less inconvenience, less disruption, more client satisfaction.

water borehole drilling - rpm drillingMonitoring boreholes

Basically, monitoring boreholes are used to monitor groundwater. Whether you’re interest is checking for contaminants and pollutants, or assessing the viability of a groundwater source to be used long-term; RPM Drilling can sink a monitoring borehole for you! Monitoring boreholes are usually managed on a large-scale, ‘commercial’, level (by us); often around dumping grounds, fuel storage facilities, or factories, or alongside rivers etc.

water borehole drilling - rpm drillingGeo-technical drilling

We specialise in the collecting of ground samples for agriculture use, as well as use by Civil Engineering Companies. We are also available for piling jobs to support trees and other structures.

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