Save Water, Save Our Planet

With Level 3 water restrictions being implemented in most (if not all) of the country this month, we really need to be doing all we can to help save water. Aside from following the basic rules and guidelines, as outlined in the Level 3 water restrictions handouts made available by your local municipality, usually on both their own websites and on relevant social media platforms; here are a couple of extra ways you could help save our planet by saving water this summer:

  • Tank the volume of your tank

A really quick and efficient way to save water is to pop a brick, or similar submersible, in the cistern of your toilet in order to reduce the amount of water in the tank – hereby reducing the amount of water used to flush the toilet; we rarely need as much to flush the toilet as a standard cistern expends with every pull of the handle or push of the button.

  • Sink a plug in that sink

How many of us are guilty of leaving the water running while we’re soaping up our hands at the sink? By using a plug and washing your hands in a pool of water, as opposed to under the water you’ve left running straight down the drain in the time it took you to soap up, you are saving far more water than you realize! Bonus points for using a receptacle in your sink to catch the run-off that you can use again to wash your floors or water your garden if you use an eco-friendly soap.

save water - rpm drilling

  • Shower your flowers after a shower

If your shower is large enough to allow it; take a bucket in there with you and place it at the back of the shower while you get squeaky-clean. The run-off the bucket catches won’t contain any soap (if you’re careful) and would be ideal to water your garden with. You can save litres and litres of water a day this way. If you’re extra, extra careful not to get soap in the bucket, you could even cook using this water.

save water - rpm drilling

  • Bore a borehole

Sinking a domestic water borehole is a great way to relieve pressure on the municipal water supply.

save water - rpm drilling

For more information on sinking a domestic water borehole, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Click HERE For More Information.