The Fountain of Youth: Upping Your Water Consumption

Myths and legends, tales and tropes of the so-called Fountain of Youth are nothing new; but what if we told you that the Fountain of Youth has been right under our noses this whole time? The Fountain of Youth’s allure lies in its promises of vitality, health and its restorative qualities; what if we told you the Fountain of Youth exists, but we overlook it every day, because its only pumping water. Why you should start increasing your water consumption today?

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Here are the facts:

  • Our bodies are approximately 65% water
  • Our brains are approximately 70% water
  • Believe it or not but our lungs are actually about 90% water
  • Every day our bodies need to replace an estimated 2.4l of fluid – this fluid comes from ingested liquids and the liquids in our foods.
  • Our bodies are scientifically incapable of sustaining life for longer than 3 days without water (when we say this we cannot, however, discount the water consumed in the foods we eat. That being said, without water, the digestive system and its processes also grind to a halt and it becomes impossible to digest or absorb foods).

water consumption - rpm drilling

Upping your water consumption then is like finding the Fountain of Youth! Drinking enough water leaves you feeling revitalized, refreshed, replenished and raring to go!

While “drink more water” is good advice, what can you do to up your water intake if you really just don’t like water?  

  • The first step to upping your daily water consumption could be to include lots of juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet. Focus on fruits and veggies like watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers which constitute about 90% water weight. If you’re eating smart, your juicy fruits and veggies could account for 20% of your daily water intake; and they’re rich in vitamins and minerals as well!
  • You can also increase your daily liquid intake without upping your pure water consumption – while water is a calorie free option for hydration you may also try drinking unsweetened teas, decaffeinated coffee, or even diluted fruit juices to up your overall water consumption.
  • Make drinking water an occasion with creative ice cubes, such as fun shapes, or ice cubes made out of 100% fruit juice (clear fruit juices like cranberry or apple work best). Not only will a fruit juice ice cube keep your water cool, but it will flavor the water as it melts, making your water more palatable, and fun to drink!


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water consumption - rpm drilling